At Little Lambs Holiday Club this September if you enrol your child for 3 days during this September holiday (30 September, 01 and 02 October) and then again for 3 days during the December holiday (09,10 and 11 December) they get to make some amazing salt-dough items!  When they finish up in December they can leave with these items and give them as gifts or keep them as personal items!

Apart from the sheer delight of creating something that you can hang on the Christmas tree, or give to somebody as a gift, children  are squishing, rolling, moulding and cutting whilst working with the salt-dough.  They are strengthening the small muscles in their fingers as well as developing their decision-making skills when planning ahead as they choose what they are going to make, what colours they are going to paint with, and which parts will be which colours. Painting can help children learn sizes, shapes, patterns and designs.

When they’re talking with other children around the table they’re building their social skills and making new friends!

holiday club

Complete your online holiday club application form now and make sure to mention that your child will be doing the 6-day-salt-dough-gifts-session!

We look forward to seeing your child soon!

Carol Fitz-Gibbon